Naturally, day-to-day duties at Baxford vary depending on the type of investigation an agent will be assigned to and their relevant experience and expertise. For example, an agent who specialises in asset tracing will spend far more time studying investments and shares than staking out hotels looking for errant spouses. At Baxford we take pride in finding the right investigator for you and your situation. However, they all involve the same basic task – in order to solve any investigation, a private investigator has to collect and organise facts. 
Gathering facts involves more than luck and intuition, successfully solving a case begins with meticulous planning and analysis. Our agents follow a tried and tested method of finding out as much information as possible from you before commencing their investigation. 
Firstly, we discuss the case and determine whether it is legal, ethical and possible to solve. We then work out a plan and budget for gathering the necessary information. If you are happy for us to proceed then we will commence the investigation, gathering evidence in such a way that it can be presented in court when necessary. Lastly, we analyse all the evidence and report back to you with findings. If the asset report shows insufficient funds or assets available to satisfy the claim, then our agents may advise you not to proceed, saving you wasted legal fees and costs. 
Like any good researcher, our private investigators use multiple sources of information to solve a case. The starting point commonly associated with asset tracing is the uncovering of possessions, such as property and vehicles. 
Public records are also another good source of information. Many of these are records that private citizens can access on their own. However, our agents generally know who to ask and how to access the information easily. In some cases, we will be able to access databases that search multiple record sources at once. These databases are not usually available to the general public. 
There are a number of instances where an asset report may be needed. Prior to advising their clients, corporate or private, to embark on costly legal proceedings prudent Lawyers advise that an up to date assessment by way of an asset report be instructed.  
At Baxford, we can provide asset reports for the legal profession in relation to upcoming legal action and in relation to the management of estates or properties both private and commercial. 
It is of the utmost importance to us that we carry out all asset tracing with accuracy, discretion, and care. To find out more and for a no-obligation discussion contact 020 8255 1010. 



Information about a person’s background & history. Clear and concise PDF reports on the completion of background screening. 


Investigation or surveillance services for civil or criminal cases. Fraud investigation, asset investigation, exploring emails, crime investigation. 


Comprehensive nationwide process serving facility. We show evidence that the legal papers have been served. 


Covert observation of people, places, and vehicles. Wide range of surveillance techniques including physical observation,monitoring, vehicle tracking. 


UK and International tracing service 
Locating People that can't be found 
Asset Tracking 
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