You’re at a family occasion, having a good time until, of course, someone mentions the elusive Cousin Bob, someone just couldn’t help to mention his name. There’s an awkward silence before the rest of your relatives start coming out with fantastical stories about him such as he’s living in Australia or started his own colony on some remote island in the Pacific. 
The truth is, no one knows where Bob is or what he’s doing. He disappeared 35 years ago, and no one’s heard from him since. You’ve never even met him. Now he’s just a hot topic at every family gathering, a way to stir the pot when the conversation gets boring. 
You might not have an estranged cousin, but chances are you have at least one relative you’ve never met before and you probably don’t have much to work with. You might have been adopted and know next to nothing about your birth parents. Or your parents divorced when you were young and you suspect your dads got a new family or you might have a sibling that you’ve never even met. 
Tracking down family members can be an exciting challenge, and it can shed light upon forgotten branches of your family tree. You may be finding relatives on a whim; you may be researching family history, or you might be looking to obtain medical information for you or another family member. Whatever your reason, Baxford can ease the process of finding long lost family members, saving you time, effort and stress in the long run. 
You’ve probably got bits and pieces of information from a reluctant parent, or exaggerated hearsay from a family member, but you need further help to fill in the blanks. At Baxford, we have a number of services we can offer to help find your family member. We have private detectives with over 20 years’ experience who can assist you in your search by providing background checks, database searches, and trace services. Our agents will have access to sensitive information which is not generally available to the average civilian and all investigators are meticulously trained to be able to piece together the data they find. 
To get your search underway we would request the following information: 
Full name/Marital name including nicknames 
Last known address 
Area/location to search 
Age range or DOB 
The more information we have the better. List every piece of evidence you have concerning the relative you are searching for, including facts, phone numbers, theories or rumours. Piecing together the whole puzzle may not happen right away, but there's a good chance that even the smallest amount of information, no matter how insignificant it seems can help speed up the process and improve the chances of finding your loved one. 
Whoever your long-lost relative is, and for whatever reason they have disappeared, you want them back in your life. To find out more and for a no-obligation discussion, please contact 020 8255 1010 or request a call back by e-mail. 
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