Baxford provides vehicle tracking to help you and your business take extra care of your car fleet. Whether you are a large business that depends on the use of its vehicles to operate and grow, or you’re a smaller business who wants to ensure the safety of its drivers, then our vehicle tracking service can bring a host of benefits to ensure that your fleet is under proper care. 
GPS vehicle tracking units use the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to determine and track your assets precise location at predetermined intervals. The technology brings together the tracking functionality (which displays the location of a vehicle) together with software programs (which displays other vehicle data). GPS trackers can also help individual clients and can track your expensive or valuable assets such as your car or caravan, farm equipment, tractors, motorbike or HGV
To capture vehicle data, we install a tracking device on the vehicle you want to be tracked. These devices collect vehicle data of different kinds – for example, the turning on and off of the engine, fuel consumption, the functioning of connected devices, the driver’s behaviour on the road, and many others. All the data is then matched to the location data. 
Our clients will be able to see: 
Real-time location of tracked vehicles 
Driving history 
Summary reports 
Alongside tracking, we also provide physical car surveillance for a more bespoke service. Surveillance is, quite simply, observations conducted to gain information. For example, do you need to track someone’s journey? Perhaps your partner isn’t quite telling you the truth and you need to find out their travel arrangements? Alternatively, you may need car surveillance as part of our Trace Services, to locate a missing family member or friend. Our Agents use the latest technology to capture the evidence you need. 
Using a surveillance agent and a tracking device is the most common and realistic method for most surveillance operations. Where the person of interest uses a regular vehicle, we will covertly fit a tracker. Once fitted, we will have information on everywhere that vehicle goes, where it stops, the route it took to get there, how long it stays at a particular location and all of this will be with accurate timings. Our surveillance team can monitor this data on either laptops, tablets or phones. Once we understand the patterns for the vehicle of interest, we can then anticipate areas and addresses that they are likely to visit 
Car surveillance is not an easy task and is not always exciting. The goals and objectives often vary from case to case, as do the applicable methods of surveillance. Baxford understands how to prepare for surveillance and ensure the best outcome for its clients. We have years of experience in this field so you can have the confidence in knowing our investigators will get the job done in a professional and confidential manner. 
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