When you enter any relationship, whether personal or business, you have a right to know exactly who you’re dealing with. A background check is a way to find out detailed information about a person’s background and employment history. It can tell you what a person has done in the past by authenticating the information provided. 
Employment background checks are one of the most frequently used screening processes. They provide employers with the evidence they need to make informed decisions about the people they employ and be confident that an individual is exactly who they say they are. You may think that a quick visual check of a passport is enough to verify someone's identity, but how would you know if it was forged or altered? 
If you’re thinking of renting out your property, hiring someone, or just have questions about a person’s suitability, one of the things you’ll most likely want to do is background screening. This can help you find out the facts about your new business partner, tenant, employee, volunteer, nanny or dating partner. For example, is your new business partner’s CV almost too good to be true? Was your tenant really living with their parents for so long? Why does an employee have an unexplained gap in their job history? These are just some of the questions we can get answers to. 
Some people have the idea that the checks are carried out in a similar way to what they see in the movies, where someone goes through your rubbish and scours your Facebook page in order to dig up any little bit of dirt possible! But, that's not really how a professional background check is supposed to work, there are other methods, from comprehensive database searches to asset tracing. 
At Baxford we have invested in thorough training and IT support and use only the most up-to-date technology, systems and methodologies to ensure our service is second to none. We follow a wide-ranging and reliable database approach to background screening, which will help you find out all you need to know about a person’s history. These are just some of the background check services we can provide: 
Full names and aliases 
Address history 
Relatives and associates 
Education and academic credentials 
Employment history 
CV check 
Credit check 
Criminal check and County records 
Property ownership details 
County Court judgments 



Based on search worldwide or UK assets. Using multiple sources of information. Analyse evidence and reporting back. 


Investigation or surveillance services for civil or criminal cases. Fraud investigation, asset investigation, and crime investigation. 


Comprehensive nationwide process serving facility. We show evidence that the legal papers have been served. 


Covert observation of people, places, and vehicles. Wide range of surveillance techniques including physical observation, monitoring, vehicle tracking. 


UK and International tracing service 
Locating People that can't be found 
Asset Tracking 
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