A private investigator also called a PI or private eye is a private detective who can be hired by another person to render investigation or surveillance services such as fraud investigation, asset investigation, email checks, and crime history. These private investigators will usually work with the legal profession when it comes to civil or criminal cases. 
At Baxford, the majority of our cases consist of investigating information relating to cheating partners or providing trace services to individuals, however, we also investigate many other scenarios. For example, if you own a company and you are concerned about staff stealing from you or a business partner has been dishonest with you then we can provide a service to find out the truth. The evidence we provide can be used in court. You did not work hard to build your company just to lose money because of some employee misconduct. 
All our investigations are conducted by highly skilled agents from military and law enforcement backgrounds, equipping us with an edge in gathering cogent evidence. They have assisted various corporate, legal and domestic clients and have over 20 years’ experience searching for clues, gathering evidence and interviewing people in relation to a case. We also have specialist agents who are experts in computer or corporate crimes and deal with many complex investigations. As a result of our experience, Baxford's name and reputation are synonymous with success, professionalism, and confidentiality. 
When we receive an enquiry, a member of our investigative team will contact you to understand the case in more detail. We do this to understand the background of the case and to see how you would like the investigation to proceed. We believe that confidentiality is extremely important and will always use communication methods that have been agreed at the beginning to ensure the utmost discretion around our investigations. 
It may be necessary for an investigator to go undercover in order to better observe and obtain information on a suspect, gather evidence for court cases, verify information, conduct surveillance and gather vital facts for cases. In this instance, we use tools like GPS tracking devices, video cameras, and other useful equipment and technology. We invest in comprehensive training and IT support and use only the most up-to-date technology, systems, and methodologies to ensure our service is second to none. 
A private detective and investigator must have knowledge of UK privacy laws and have a very good understanding of the law, as they operate on the authority of a private citizen, not as a police officer. Being educated in these laws is vital to the collection of evidence in a case to ensure all data and information will be valid in a court case and can be used. We will also provide a thorough and accurate report, including the evidence obtained, in all of our investigations. 
To find out about our services and for a no-obligation discussion, please contact 020 8255 1010 or request a call back by e-mail. 



Based on search worldwide or UK assets. Using multiple sources of information. Analyse evidence and reporting back. 


Information about a person’s background & history. Clear and concise PDF reports on the completion of background screening. 


Comprehensive nationwide process serving facility. We show evidence that the legal papers have been served. 


Covert observation of people, places, and vehicles. Wide range of surveillance techniques including physical observation, electronic monitoring, vehicle tracking. 


UK and International tracing service 
Locating People that can't be found 
Asset Tracking 
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