Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places, and vehicles, which law enforcement agencies and private detectives use to investigate allegations of illegal behaviour. Surveillance is used widely in domestic situations and with the increase in technology we are seeing more cases of reports into businesses sought. 
At Baxford, our surveillance techniques range from physical observation, right the way through to technology monitoring. One of the most frequently used techniques in fixed surveillance, or more commonly known as the stakeout. This requires two investigators to surreptitiously observe people and places from a distance. 
We also provide alternative surveillance, for example, one of our investigators can install a hidden camera and recording equipment in a parked car. The vehicle then sits in an area that draws little attention, such as a parking lot. Investigators can record photo and video images at any time, reducing the need for anyone to monitor a situation around the clock. Our surveillance team can come and go as they wish, so the risk of discovery is smaller, perfect if you suspect a cheating partner. 
We are also able to provide vehicle tracking, which allows organisations and individuals to monitor their vehicles at all times and minimises the risk of stolen vehicles, unauthorised use and can greatly assist with vehicle repossession. 
We only use our most experienced investigators to carry out and risky work. Our investigators will observe a person’s movement and behaviour during fieldwork to obtain the evidence needed. The detection of a private investigator's presence in an area they are observing could compromise any future activities, as any unmasking of their identity and purpose could result in serious harm. 
Surveillance investigating takes someone who is resourceful and inquisitive and who can spot details quickly. At Baxford, our surveillance investigators are fully trained in all aspects of surveillance and come from either a military or law enforcement background. 
When assigned a case, our investigators will consult with you to clarify the case’s objectives and discuss if any specific research is needed. They will then use a variety of surveillance measures to gather evidence. 
Our surveillance investigators will then review and analyse their written observations, interviews, video recordings, and photographs to look for evidence that supports the investigation’s objectives. They also determine what evidence they can successfully use in legal proceedings if necessary. 
At Baxford, our surveillance team will keep you regularly updated and share any progress made. They will also write detailed daily summaries of all activities relating to your case and include any documentation that backs up their statements. Finally, we will provide you with a report, including the evidence obtained and supported by a full timeline of the activity witnessed. Our surveillance team can also appear as witnesses, if required, to corroborate the evidence discovered. 
To find out more and for a no-obligation discussion please contact 020 8255 1010 or request a call back by e-mail. 



Based on search worldwide or UK assets. Using multiple sources of information. Analyse evidence and reporting back. 


Information about a person’s background & history. Clear and concise PDF reports on the completion of background screening. 


Investigation or surveillance services for civil or criminal cases. Fraud investigation, asset investigation, and crime investigation. 


Comprehensive nationwide process serving facility. We show evidence that the legal papers have been served. 


UK and International tracing service 
Locating People that can't be found 
Asset Tracking 
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