Your Questions Answered here
Q. How long does an investigation/trace take?
A. Depending on the depth of enquiry and pricing, turnaround times vary from 24 hours to 21 days.
Q. Can you deliver a result within 24 hours?
A. We can conduct enquires immediately and depending on your requirements can deliver results within hours.
Q. Do you issue a written report with your services?
A. Yes, all findings are compiled into a written report and are sent electronically in a PDF as standard. Hard copy reports are also available.
Q. What type information is required to instruct you?
A. Dependent on the type of enquiry investigations can be conducted with minimal information, where a full name, DOB and last known address is provided, the chance of a positive result is greatly increased. Additional details i.e: relatives and past or present employers will also see an increase in success rate of enquiries.
Q. How to instruct us?
A. We require a written instruction - Traces and Investigations can be instructed via email, fax or post details of which can be found at contact us.