We provide a specialist surveillance service to our clients for a variety of purposes. Our surveillance assignments are conducted by highly skilled agents from military and law enforcement backgrounds, equipping us with an edge in gathering cogent evidence.
Very often in investigations it becomes apparent that there is a need for surveillance in order to verify the actions of individuals.
An insurance company for example needs to be sure that a claimant has really suffered the disadvantages that he or she is claiming. Effective surveillance techniques can indicate whether this is or is not the case.
Marital infidelity requires a high standard of proof if it is to form the background of divorce proceedings. Surveillance is a powerful tool that can be utilised to support these cases.
A company may suspect certain of its employees of illegal or dismissible activities - drug-taking, fraud, theft or moonlighting using company resources. Specialist surveillance will provide the evidence needed to instigate further action.
We use a wide range of intelligent surveillance techniques to generate the information required by these and other similar situations. Once obtained, we will provide for you a report, including the evidence obtained and supported by a full timeline of the activity witnessed. Our agents can also appear as witnesses, if required, to corroborate the evidence discovered.
Vehicle Tracking
Tracking a vehicle allows organisations and individuals to monitor their vehicles at all times and minimises the risk of stolen vehicles, unauthorised use and can greatly assist with vehicle repossession. A full report of the vehicle’s travel history can be provided within a report.
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