Pre-Sue Reports
When enforcement of a County Court Judgement with an attachment of earnings order is required.
Discreet confirmation of an individual’s circumstances of employment and suitability for credit be it a loan or rental of a property.
Employment/Pre Sue reports can be invaluable in these matters, cost effective and always conducted with discretion in mind.
The following results would constitute a positive match:
Employed, including employers details and address. (level of income, if available)
The subject is unemployed.
Self-employed including company details, contact information, trading address and some insight into the subject’s company’s level of trade.
Included are details of county court judgements, insolvencies or any other detrimental information.
A Pre Sue report can detail the current financial status of an individual; we can include details of any known assets such as property, liabilities and employment status.
The report will summarise their overall financial position and enable you to consider the prospects for a successful court action if required.
We can tailor our reports to suit the specific needs of each individual client.

A Pre sue report will be able to provide and confirm the following:
  • Confirmation of the subject’s full name and date of birth
  • Confirmation of the subject’s current residential address and telephone number/mobile.
  • The subject’s current employment status along with employer’s details.
  • Directors search including full details of any appointments.
  • Land Registry searches detailing ownership of all confirmed linked addresses.
  • Confirmation of CCJs against the subject, value of judgment, date, court and case number.
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency searches.
  • Confirmation of other trading addresses and details of other business interests.
  • Confirmation of other properties owned by the subject.
  • Other names or alias used.
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