Our Services
Baxford Ltd’s tailored and highly competitive investigation services are aimed at 100% customer satisfaction. We have the advantage of a team of highly skilled investigators and the use of advanced data systems which can be employed on an international scale.
We offer a comprehensive range of reports and services to including Trace reports, Asset reports, Pre-Sue reports, Background checks, and Surveillance.

In Brief
Trace reports: Several types depending on purpose:-
Address trace - Also known as debtor tracing, missing persons, skip tracing or tracing.
Employment trace - We provide a report confirming the employment status of your subject.
Company trace - Whether it be a UK or international Ltd, non Ltd, Plc or partnership business we compile a report on a business’s current and historic trading status and ownership.
Land Registry searches- We can provide land registry documents and title deeds relating to properties within the whole of the UK.
Asset reports: We provide asset reports for the legal profession in relation to upcoming legal action and in relation to management of estates or properties both private and commercial.
Pre-Sue reports: When enforcement of a County Court Judgement with an attachment of earnings order is required.
Background checks: These can provide a valuable insight and lead to smarter, more informed decisions providing greater security and confidence for consumers, businesses and government agencies.
Surveillance: We provide a specialist surveillance service to our clients for a variety of purposes.

Our services cater for insurance investigations, finance and credit matters, suspected infidelity, corporate intelligence and other private matters, however complex your enquires our team are happy to assist and can offer a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.
* To find out more and for a no-obligation discussion please contact our friendly team on 020 8255 1010 or request a call back by e-mail