Asset Reports
Baxford Ltd provides asset reports for the legal profession in relation to upcoming legal action and in relation to management of estates or properties both private and commercial.
In the event the client proceeds with the claim and obtains a Judgment, they can be relatively confident that they can enforce the Judgment and gain satisfaction.
In the event the asset report showed there were insufficient funds or assets available to satisfy the claim, they may advise their clients not to proceed, thus saving them wasted legal fees and costs.
At Baxford Ltd we are very experienced in tracing assets worldwide. Often complex systems prevail in different jurisdictions and costs can vary greatly.

Examples of assets located are :

  • Properties, in this country and abroad which may be let and in turn constitute an income – about which we will also make enquires to ascertain the level of rental income derived.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Yachts, Commercial Fishing boats, Speedboats and Canal boats.
  • Photographic and filming equipment.
  • Paintings and sculptures.
  • Commercial assets including cranes, JCBs and diggers.
During our Asset Search we will try to uncover investments, property, company directorships and shares. Searches can be carried out in most countries worldwide or simply tailored to concentrate on UK assets in areas where there is a belief assets can be found.
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Prior to advising their clients, corporate or private, to embark on costly legal proceedings prudent lawyers advise that an up to date assessment by way of an asset report be instructed.